TV Show Satyamev Jayate
Satyamev Jayate


Here is the list of episodes of Satyamev Jayate aired so far:

Episode 1- Daughters are precious

Episode 2: Break the Silence

Episode 3: Marriage or Marketplace

Episode 4: Every Life Is Precious

Episode 5: Intolerance to Love

Episode 6: Persons with Disabilities

Episode 7: Danger at home

Episode 8: Poison on our Plate?

Episode 9: Think before you drink

Episode 10: Dignity for All

Episode 11: Old Age

Episode 12: Every Drop Counts

Episode 13: Idea of India


Satyamev Jayate in partnership with AXIS Bank is raising funds is into the generation...
This show is being sponsored and presented by the Airtel and Aqua guard are the co sponsors.
In the history of Indian Television it has happened for the first time that Satyamev Jayate has....
Comming soon......
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